Alphabitty Organizer Tutorial

LAlphabitties Holder
  • You will need:
  • 7 – 2″ x 10.5″ rectangles fabric
  • 6 – 1″ x 11″ rectangles vinyl
  • 1 – 11″ x 11″ square backing
  • 1 – 11″ x 11″ square batting
  • 1 – 2″ x WOF binding
  • 1″ painters tape

Take two strips fabric and one strip vinyl and align the edges and clip edges to keep them together.

Press open using a wooden iron

Add to the bottom strip another piece of vinyl and another strip of fabric, clipping to keep together.

Continue to add strips until you have used all 6 strips of vinyl.

Sandwich the top, batting, and backing.

Clip one edge to ensure the sandwich does not move. Place a strip of painter’s tape along the opposite edge. This will be your first sew line. I placed an arrow in marker showing that is the side of the tape to stitch on.

Measure 1 1/4″ away from the edge and place another piece of painter’s tape. The arrow shows which side the stitch line will be.

Measure 1/4″ away and place another strip of tape. Continue until there is no more room on the top to do so. You should be able to have six “pockets” per row. They should measure 1 1/4″ wide.

Start stitching along the side of the first edge of the tape.

Repeat along each stitch line. The tape serves two purposes. One to mark your stitch line and two to make it easier to stitch over the vinyl.

Once all stitch lines have been sewn, carefully pull off the tape. Trim the edges, 1/2″ on the sides away from the stitch lines and 3/4″ away from the vinyl on the top and bottom.

At this point you can bind as you choose.

Here is my favorite tool to make perfect mitered bindings: a post it note folded in half diagonally. This will work for any size binding.

I stitch as usual towards the corner starting in the middle of a side. I place the post it in the corner as below, I stop my stitch line when I reach the post it note.

When I reach the post it note, I then angle the seam to the corner and stitch to the corner.

I cut the thread and then rotate the post it note.

I fold the binding using the post it note as a guide.

I then rotate the post it note again

And I fold the binding back again. This can be a little tricky until you get the hang of it. You can use a binding clip to help if needed.

Slip out the postit note and clip if necessary.

There is a folded wedge of fabric. The key to a nice miter is the folding of the corner. You will start the next side at the outer edge and stitch again until you reach the next corner.

When you fold your binding on the other side, you have a nice miter.



This throwback Thursday I am showing one of my favorite quilts. It was completed May 2013.

It started as a shop hop quilt. The premise was that you virtually visited 12 different shops yo purchase each quilt blocks. Each shop had their own finishing kit. I loved this one because it was unique.

It was pieced with the help of Marti Michele templates. I used fusible thread to help with the applique. I machine quilted this on my domestic machine.

Summer Moon – Broken Dishes

Bonus blocks in the style of Summer Moon

When I signed up for Summer Moon, I will be honest, I loved the colors and knew it was a block of the month, but I was in a quilting slump that had been going on pretty much since we moved back to Texas 6 years ago. First it was school kept me busy for the first 2 1/2 years and then it was establishing myself in my new career. Then it was that I just didn’t have the will to go into the sewing room much. I still bought fabrics and kits, but nothing sang to my soul. Until I recieved the book and the first installment of fabrics.

This quilt sings to me on so many levels. The colors ar my favorite colors, lime and teal and pinks. Thank you Its Sew Emma and Carrie Nelson for this amazing project!

Because I can never make a pattern exactly as the directions say and have to make it my own, I changed a few things. I decided to make this a king sized quilt. I first thought, “oh I only need a few more blocks” and since The fat Quarter shop is amazingly generous with fabrics in kits, I felt I will be good. Then I realized that the blocks were actually smaller than I thought and my math was wrong. I actually needed a LOT more blocks. In fact I needed over twice the amount of blocks that the BOM kit would make.

Some math to figure the amount of blocks needed

I decided that I needed 13 x 13 blocks. If I doubled the blocks, making two each size, that would only get me 144, and I needed 169 blocks. So I needed 25 more blocks. I decided to make 3 more types of blocks to give it more variety. I also needed to not reinvent something and stick with established sizes. Broken dishes fit the bill.

I have attached the screen shot of the guide I used to make the block in the 3 sizes of Summer Moon. The is no real directions as the individual units are pretty straightforward.

Cutting requirements for Broken Dishes

Merry Mini Quilt Along

The Fat Quarter Shop is hosting a quilt along for the month of July. I have been seeing photos of the blocks all over and just had to join in. A new block is given each Tuesday for five weeks. This week block 3 was released.

When I decided to join in, I tried to figure out the perfect fabric line to use. I purchased a couple of different fabric lines, but none really felt right for me. I found alayer cake in an older line of fabric from Sandy Gervais – Merry Medly in my stash. I also decided to use the creams in the layer cake as backgrounds instead of using one consistent one.

For block 1, it had the most background fabric, so I chose the cream that had two squares of fabric. L

Block 1 – Poinsettia

For block 2, I decided to fussy-cut the center square. I miss-judged the amount of background fabric needed and figured I would use these two.

Block 2 – Snowflake

For block 3, I did more fussy-cutting. I fussy-cut the center square, walls, and the background. I used the musical fabric to represent siding, the polka-dot fabrics to represent snow on the roof, and the background represents snow flurries .

Block 3 – House Block

I am looking forward to the next block reveal on Tuesday.

Strawberry Jam

The June 2019 Fat Quarter Shop’s Sew Sampler had a cute charm pack of fabric from Corey Yoder and a two bonus patterns from the book Sunday Best Quilts by Corey Yoder and Sherri L. McConnell. Instead of a pillow, I decided to make a small wall hanging. For the setting triangles and border

Strawberry Jam

For one of the pillows, I saw that there was going to be leftover strips, so I did some math and figured I could get 4 of the same sized strips from one charm square. I also figured that I could make 56 blocks with the strips. This setting only needed 50.

I like pieced backs and I did not buy enough fabric for binding and backing.

A pieced back

For the pieced strip on the backing, I used the leftover squares that were approximately 1.5″. I didn’t want to cut a whole bunch of 1.5″ white squares, so I cut a strip and sewed the squares to the strip. I then pressed them away from the strip.

A strip full of squares

I then cut the strips flush with one of the edges to seperate them. I did not worry about trimming the other side.

Trim the squares

After all the blocks were cut off the strip, I then matched the trimmed sides to make a four-patch unit

Match the trimmed size

I then trimmed the wonky edges off

Time to trim

I then used the Itty Bitty Eighths ruler. Look how cool it is:

What a cool ruler!

I even prepped the binding :

Cute binding