Joy in the Journey

Saturday was National Sew a Jelly Roll day. I decided to participate, but I wanted to use something from my stash. The main reason was because I didn’t find out about it until the middle of the week. The other reason is that I have so much stash fabric, that I really didn’t need to buy anything.

I had a mini jelly roll (Robert Kauffman calls them Rollie Pollies) from a Sew Sampler box a few months ago. I also had bought a yard of fabric for binding when I got it as I do with most of the fabric I like and plan to keep so I at least have binding in the fabric line. I have several moda Bella whites on the bolt that I keep on hand. I don’t really like to mix fabric manufacturer types, but I wanted to use stash.

stack of completed blocks

I just winged the pattern. I love adding my borders in this partial seam method. It really is quite simple to achieve this look. Maybe soon I will post a tutorial.

Small throw size quilt

The top is finished. I did have to buy a little bit for backing. I think it will make a cute gift


This is the label I made /used with one of my Sweetwater labels.

Summer Moon – Checkerboard Block

This has been a project that has been on the back-burner for a while. I have had several other blocks of the month that I was wanting to work on prior to working on this one again. Part of the reason is I was really dreading this block. I think I have 6 each of 9 more blocks, 54 or so blocks left to make. Give or take a few.

I finally decided to bite the bullet and get it done. I did, however, draft it in EQ8 so that I could make foundation paper for the blocks. I definitely was NOT going to make this without paper piecing. I really despise square-in-square blocks without paper piecing.

This quilt will eventually come together. I would love to make one set of blocks a week, but realistically it takes about two weekends to work on the 6 blocks since they are so labor intensive. My piecing has gotten better with my new Janome 6700 – so maybe it won’t be as difficult to piece the remaining blocks.

Large #1

This is my first large checkerboard block. I love how the pinks and greys are together.

This is my second large block for Checkerboard. I stayed with the green/pink/dark blue combo.

Large #2
Medium #1

This is my Medium #1 block. I see that I messed up on the placement, but it is going to stay.

This is my Medium #2 block.

Medium #2

Small #1

This is my small #1 block. The frame is not one from the book, but one that I did in the “style” of the quilt to add more variet.

Lastly, this is my Small block #2. Another that is not a frame from the book, but rather one I did in the “Style of” Summer moon.

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My Sewing Room: Before

I thought I would share a quick post about my sewing room. I cleaned it really well this last weekend so the cleaners could get in to mop and dust really well. All in anticipation that my Dreambox and Sew Station will finally arrive soon. It has been on order since March.

I know you ate saying, “but didn’t you get custom shelves built fot your closet”? Yes I did. But it turns out that that was not enough space for my stuff. A lot still remains in my garage since our move last summer (2020).

My room is small, just 10 x 11. I just walked in and spun in a circle and snapped some photos quickly after the cleaners were in there for mopping and dusting. I just wanted to document the “before”.

Looking out of the room from center. My TV.
Going counter-clockwise, where I see and my pressing station.
My cutting station.
By the closet door. My makeshift design wall
My printer. It is a large-format printer.
Bookcase with books and magazines

Going Batty

I’ve decided that I would participate in the Fat Quarter Shop’s quilt-along for Bats and Boos. I will admit to being a bit behind though. Life, as always gets in the way. I bought the kit from FQS. It came with the black spiderweb fabric instead of the black bat fabric – I purchased that separately.

I started last weekend and got the bats done.

One of four identical bat blocks

This weekend I had all intentions of completing the top, but then life happened. I had vasvular surgery last month so I had to have a followup angiogram on Friday. I had a bad reaction to the contrast material and spent Friday night in the ER. Saturday was spent not trying to itch my back because of the hives all over it. I am just happy it happened on a weekend so I didn’t have to work too! The itching finally subsided on Sunday.

Yesterday, I finished the pumpkins. They were a bit tedious, but they turned out ok.

One of four pumpkin blocks

That is all I have for now. I decided last minute to change my borders from the pattern. I had to order a little more fabric, so now I wait.