Confetti Stars

This cute little runner was made for my server in my dining room for January.

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Confetti Stars

Fat Quarter Shop

Confetti Stars Tablerunner

Grunge by BasicGrey


14.5″ x 65.5″

Infinity Scarves

Now that they have all been gifted, I can now share these.

Cuddle Infinity Scarves

I made several of these scarves for Christmas presents. These are so soft and warm. Though we don’t get too many cold days in Texas, they will be perfect for when we do.

My Goals for 2021

My quilting goals for 2021 are as follows:

  • Organize my sewing room. This will be easier once my custom closet shelves are installed. Right now I have stuff all over the room in boxes. Boxes and totes are also in the garage waiting to be unpacked since we moved this past June.
  • Limit my spending. Again, this should be easier to do once my shelves are installed. I have been buying new things because I have no clue where it is in the boxes or i don’t want to dig in boxes for the item. I have pre-ordered some fabrics and kits from Fat Qurter shop, but after organizing everything in a spreadsheet to what I pre ordered and the clubs I am in, I need to “slow my roll” for a bit.
  • Dedicate time during the week to quilting. Currently I only spend Saturdays and Sundays sewing. I think part of it is that my room is so cluttered that I can’t think in the sometimeS and get overwhelmed when I only have an hour in the evenings to sew. I need to plan out projects to work on during the week. Maybe have a few blocks starched and cut out to just sew them together during the week.
  • Document more about the items. Partly document them on my blog, but mostly document them in word documents that I then save on my cloud service that I keep my important documents on. I have seen that keeping them only in my blog was a mistake because my blog crashed and I no longer can remember certain details.

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Moda Stitch Pink 2020 – Block 1

Months ago when the first announcement of this sew-along was announced,  my husband was commenting on how much he liked the quilt. I thought that it was pretty also, but didn’t really want to make it in the grunge fabrics.

I kept looking and decided that I would make it in Sweet 16 by Laundry Basket Quilts.  I know I am quite behind on making blocks, but I ordered the fabric late, and then miscalculated the amount needed and had to order more fabric. I didn’t really want to start until I made sure I had enough fabric to complete the project.

Block 1 – Underdog